Founder Donna Sesto has an undeniable passion for all things culinary. During her 15+ years of travelling the globe as an executive in financial technologies she found that the commonality of each and every culture was the same love as her own--food. And after years of bonding with clients over both international and homefront dishes, her vision of a food enthusiasts hub was dreamed up, put on paper and placed right in our town. Through her own desires to find both one-of-a-kind specialty products and a wide variety of kitchen equipment available in one place, she instead became the spot to make that possible. Her passion for all things culinary molded the Babylon Mercantile into a food-lovers mecca where you can, among many other things, learn to make her family's favorite focaccia, purchase all the tools to make your own focaccia or stay in touch to simply buy our focaccia right here.

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