The Team



Founder Donna Sesto has an undeniable passion for all things culinary. During her 15+ years of travelling the globe as an executive in financial technologies she found that the commonality of each and every culture was the same love as her own--food. And after years of bonding with clients over both international and homefront dishes, her vision of a food enthusiasts hub was dreamed up, put on paper and placed right in our town. Through her own desires to find both one-of-a-kind specialty products and a wide variety of kitchen equipment available in one place, she instead became the spot to make that possible. Her passion for all things culinary molded the Babylon Mercantile into a food-lovers mecca where you can, among many other things, learn to make her family's favorite focaccia, purchase all the tools to make your own focaccia or stay in touch to simply buy our focaccia right here.


merchandising extraordinaire

Merchandising Extraordinaire Gabe Gaglio has worked with the likes of Macy’s for many years before we snagged him for the Mercantile. When he’s not here with us, you can find him with his husband, Joe, who owns our Daily Building sister-store, Hitch or perusing local spots with their two children. South Shore born and bred, we know his love for the area will be reflected in his displays & work here. 


resident vegetarian

Our resident vegetarian, Veta, holds the title of executive assistant but is proving quickly to be much more than that. She is a recent transfer from Kansas City with her family & her dogs, Lanni and Luna; and while her background is not in the kitchen (although she does dabble in some casual baking) she says she’s “learning something new here every day” and we love that almost as much as we love her! 


operations manager

Melissa Michael, was literally born into the food world. Raised by a very Greek family, her butcher father ignited a passion for all things culinary that has lasted for over two decades. With culinary experience spanning from Docks Oyster Bar in Manhattan, the Refectory at Duke University, a personally owned Deli & Catering Company and her most recent directorial role at a Port Jefferson bakery she continues to ensure her Cyprian roots keep a hand in the industry. Just as her family taught her, Melissa’s deepest love is to “make anyone feel good, with great food and a full belly” so tying this passion into the Mercantile was a clear choice.