Our Story

Whether it be in our Cookshop, at home with a singular someone special, or sitting at a community table, we want to make cooking and sharing a delicious meal both accessible and delightful.

Founder, Donna Sesto, has an undeniable passion for all things culinary. Her vision of a food enthusiast hub was dreamed up, put on paper, and placed right in our town. Through her desire to find both one-of-a-kind specialty products and a wide variety of kitchen equipment available in one place, she instead became the spot to make that possible. Her passion for all things culinary molded The Babylon Mercantile into a food-lovers mecca where you can, among many other things, learn to make her family's favorite focaccia, purchase all the tools to make your focaccia or stay in touch to buy our focaccia right here simply.

Executive Chef, Christopher LaMagna, has worked in the hospitality industry for almost 12 years, and is currently the Executive Chef at Babylon Mercantile. He attended Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. He resides in West Islip, N.Y. and enjoys spending most of his free time ultra running.

Sharing the food of life with others is what makes the ordinary exceptional.  Here at the Mercantile we want you to fall as in love with the kitchen as we are. The Pantry will ensure your home can be stocked with both necessity standard and fantastically uncommon products. The Cookshop will send you home with yummy treats, recipes & professional kitchen skills and secrets & The Patio will be there to remind you that our house is always your house. Sharing the food of life with others is what makes the ordinary, exceptional.  

If you take a look at the top of our building from the outside, scribed across the top is DAILY & while the historical rumors of what this building was once used for (ask us when you come in!) are quite interesting, Owner Donna Sesto sought out to restore the landmark to live up to this permanently etched title instead. Located in the heart of Babylon Village, the Daily Building began to take its form as a sight to be seen & visited on the daily through it’s design.